The Newtown Square Historical Society is a non-profit Pennsylvania corporation. The corporation is managed by a board of directors composed of four elected officers, the president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary, and various appointed committee heads and at-large members   The board meets monthly, on the first Wednesday of each month.   If you are a Society member, and interested in a position or joining the board, please email us at or call (610) 975-0290 (leave a message).

Elected President John Battista
  Vice President Vacant
  Treasurer Larry Fischer
  Secretary Karen Bottger
 Appointed Solicitor John Custer
  Membership Chairperson Megan Timmins
  Buildings and Grounds Vince Guiterrez
  Ways and Means Vacant
  Programs Doug Humes
  Education Lisa Livezey & Kathryn Luke
  Publicity Jay Childress
  Volunteer Coordinator
Nancy Falcone
  Grants Vacant
  Newsletter Doug Humes
  Gift Shop Vacant
  Museum Curator Vacant
  Webmaster & Technology Doug Humes
  Historic Newtown Square Day James Kisela
  At-large Cathy Cavalier-Gach
  At-large Wayne Povey
  Immediate Past President Doug Humes


Access to Board Meeting Minutes with this link: Board Minutes access