We have a wealth of historic resources in Newtown, with five sites listed on the National Register, and over 100 historically significant homes, barns, churches, cemeteries and other resources that bear witness to over 300 years of our history.  However, over the last  thirty years, the growth and expansion of the suburbs have resulted in the loss of many historic resources to modern development.  It is ironic that the appeal of Newtown, a landscape dotted with old stone houses and barns, attracts the development that results in the loss of those very same historic structures, torn down to make way for MacMansions.  Once the old homes and their history are lost, they can be remembered, but never replaced.

To preserve the historic character of the Township, it is not enough to talk about what used to be.  We must single out for recognition, and then take steps necessary to preserve, those historic sites that have served the citizens of Newtown for the last 300 years.  That is one of the main missions of our Society. But we cannot succeed without the vocal and financial backing of like minded people.  If you are interested in preserving the best of our local history, then please join us, and become active in the Society.   There are forces that do not value our local history, and will knock it down to build a drugstore, a bank branch or a parking lot.  All that is necessary for them to triumph is for good men to do nothing.  If you feel strongly about this issue, please get involved.


Newtown Historic Resources

From the left side menu, explore our five sites on the Historic Register, and our inventory of the historic resources of Newtown Township. Or click through on the map (above) to see the location of our historic sites. This is a prototype for what we plan as a much fuller explanation that will include the map, photos or videos of each site, and a text explanation of each one and its history. Our thanks to Society member Catherine Spahr for her work on this project.