Outlined below are significant events in the history of Newtown Township and the Historical Society.


1681 Newtown laid out as a township in Chester County by William Penn
March 4, 1681 William Penn receives official grant of Penn’s Sylvania
July 18, 1681 First grant of land to Robert Dunton
1683 Newtown Incorporated as a Township?
1683 Newtown Street Road laid out
1687 Goshen Road laid out.


Oct.1777 – Jan. 1778 During the Revolutionary War, Major John Clark corresponds from an outpost in Newtown Square with General George Washington in nearby Valley Forge.
September 26, 1789 Newtown becomes part of Delaware County as it splits off from Chester County


1800 120 taxable’s on record in Newtown.
1810 600 inhabitants, 97 households reported in Newtown
1820 617 inhabitants, 85 households reported
February 29, 1828 The post office name “Newtown Square” is established.
1830 640 inhabitants, 94 households reported
1840 543 inhabitants, 80 households reported
1860 830 inhabitants, 142 households reported
1880 735 inhabitants, 118 households reported


June 4, 1954 Last trolley run to West Chester along West Chester Pike
Spring 1960 Marple- Newtown Historical Society Formed by Hilda Lucas and Clarissa Smith.
June 6, 1970 Restoration of Bartram Bridge completed and dedication held.
1970 Population reported at 11,069 residents
1976 Stan Short and various others form Tricentennial Commission to plan a celebration for Newtown in 1981
1976 Newtown Township is deeded the Paper Mill House with 4.5 acres from Robert Harrison.
1981 The Square Tavern is restored by ARCO Chemical Co. for the 300th anniversary of Newtown.
1981 Tricentennial Celebration of Newtown Township
1984 Publication of “Historic Newtown Township” by Alice and Carl Lindborg, Clara McVeigh, Erma Shaver and others (first edition 2000 copies)
July 19, 1985 Official Incorporation of Newtown Square Historical Preservation Society (NSHPS)
June 8th, 1996 Bartram Bridge restored once again with dedication ceremony held.
Feb. 26-28, 1997 After a 2-day stand-off, John E. DuPont surrenders to police for the murder of Olympic wrestler David Schultz at DuPont’s Foxcatcher Farm.
June 1999 NSHPS Publishes “Early Beginnings of Newtown Square and Self-Guided Tour of Historic Sites”


2000 Census reports 11,700 people, 4,549 households and 3,184 families living in the Township.
? Freight Station (originally at N. Newtown St. and Winding Way) saved, moved and restored
? Newtown Square Railroad Museum created as spin-off of the Historical Society
December 2006 NSHPS establishes website.
December 2007 Despite Historical Society protest, the Dunminning Mansion (St. David’s Road) is demolished
Winter 2008 Renovations completed to Square Tavern by BPG