As historians and preservationists, we must decide what to work to preserve, determine how best to preserve it, and then what to do with it.  Pictures and newspaper clippings in folders in filing cabinets are a beginning, but not an ending.  Our history is recorded in photographs, and documents, census records, tax records, but also in household goods, and tools, and diaries and oral histories that recount daily life.  We can bring particular stories to public view through articles in local newspapers and blogs, Facebook posts and Twitter tweets.  All of these items help to bring history alive.  Education programs can bring that history to the community – through monthly programs aimed at adults, and through educational programs aimed at children.  Having a museum that preserves these items of history is a wonderful way to educate our residents  young and old, to the importance of our history. We do all of this and more.   But it takes a lot of volunteer effort to make it all happen.  The wonderful thing is that for every interest, and for every skill, there is a place for you to shine in the Society – a place for artists, photographers, writers, teachers, catalogers, guides, program and ad sellers, event planners, and business people who can coordinate the multi-faceted efforts that are needed.

Our Volunteers