(July 6, 1856 – February 19, 1928)

“Mr. C. C. Harrison was followed to Newtown Square by George H. Earle, whose son, George 3rd, later would become governor of Pennsylvania. Mr. Earle, whose fortune derived from electric street car development, arrived simultaneously with the train and the trolley car. He purchased his first parcel of land in Newtown Township in 1895 on what is now Earle’s Lane. Two months later his son added a small contiguous tract on Goshen Road. By 1907 George Earle, Jr. had added seven more parcels. Coupled with his contiguous holdings in Radnor he eventually acquired an estate of more than 1000 acres.

From Mr. Earle’s point of view, it was not that he had arrived in time to greet the Newtown Railroad, but that he was a bit tardy in arriving to greet the Main Line Railroad. He never considered himself a Newtowner.  By 1910 he had completed his new home on the Radnor side of his property and used Bryn Mawr as his address, even though his home was some miles from Bryn Mawr.  His property finally was sold in 1967 to be developed into the controversial planned residential development (houses and apartments) of “Greene Countrie.”

Excerpt from “History of Newtown Township”

1931 aerial view showing Earle’s Lake and a general view of the Earle property in Newtown and Radnor.  Goshen Road comes in from the bottom of the photo, headed east to Darby Paoli Road.  Earle’s lane intersects a little right of center, and then heads off to the left, with Earle’s Lake  in the clearing at upper left, and Darby Paoli road above it and running left to right a little below the top of the photo.  The photo was taken by Smedley Butler Jr., a captain in the Army Air Corps home on leave visiting his parents, whose house is right in the center of the photo, to the left of Goshen road, largely hidden by the grove of trees.


                          July 5, 1935 Time Magazine cover

George Howard Earle III (December 5, 1890 – December 30, 1974) was an American politician and diplomat. He was a member of the prominent Earle family of Philadelphia.  Earle served as the U.S. Minister to Austria from 1933 to 1934, and as the 30th Governor of Pennsylvania from January 15, 1935 to January 17, 1939.  Earle was one of just two Democrats who served as Governor of Pennsylvania between the Civil War and World War II.

Article on Governor George Earle III from Time Magazine

Video from Governor Earle’s January 1935 inauguration as governor of Pennsylvania, taken from old family home movies (link will open up a new window at our YouTube channel).

Publicity for program given by George H. Earle V on the Earle family in America.



The Earle family has roots in early Boston (yes, the Mayflower!) and Pennsylvania.  They have been prominent artists, lawyers, abolitionists, politicians and businessmen.  Like the Adams and Kennedys in Massachusetts, their family values, handed down over generations, emphasized public service.